class mlpy.agents.modules.IAgentModule[source]

Bases: mlpy.modules.Module

Agent module base interface class.

The agent (Agent) uses an agent module, which specifies how the agent is controlled. Valid agent module types are:

The agent follows a given policy (FollowPolicyModule)
The agent learns according to a specified learner (LearningModule).
The agent is user controlled via keyboard or PS2 controller (UserModule).


Every class inheriting from IAgentModule must implement get_next_action.


mid The module’s unique identifier.


enter(t) Enter the module and perform initialization tasks.
execute(state) Execute the agent module.
exit() Exit the module and perform cleanup tasks.
get_next_action() Return the next action the agent will execute.
is_complete() Check if the agent module has completed.
load(filename) Load the state of the module from file.
reset(t, **kwargs) Reset the agent module.
save(filename) Save the current state of the module to file.
terminate(value) Set the termination flag.
update(dt) Update the module at every delta time step dt.