Agent design (mlpy.agents)

This module contains functionality for designing agents navigating inside an Environment.

Control of the agents is specified by an agent module which is handled by the Agent base class.

An agent class deriving from Agent can also make use of a finite state machine (FSM) to control the agent’s behavior and a world model to maintain a notion of the current state of the world.


Agent The agent base class.
AgentModuleFactory The agent module factory.
IAgentModule Agent module base interface class.
LearningModule Learning agent module.
FollowPolicyModule The follow policy agent module.
UserModule The user agent module.

World Model

WorldObject The world object base class.
WorldModel The world model.

Finite State Machine

Event Transition event definition.
EmptyEvent A no-op transition event.
FSMState State base class.
Transition Transition class.
OnUpdate OnUpdate class.
StateMachine The finite state machine.