Auxiliary functions (mlpy.auxiliary)

This modules.


accum An accumulation function similar to Matlab’s accumarray function.
normalize Normalize the input array to sum to 1.
nunique Efficiently count the unique elements of x along the given axis.


import_module_from_path Import a module from a file path and return the module object.
load_from_file Load data from file.
save_to_file Saves data to file.
is_pickle Check if the file with the given name is pickle encoded.
txt2pickle Converts a text file into a pickle encoded file.

Data structures

Array The managed array class.
Point2D The 2d-point class.
Point3D The 3d-point class.
Vector3D The 3d-vector class.
Queue The abstract queue base class.
FIFOQueue The first-in-first-out (FIFO) queue.
PriorityQueue The priority queue.

Data sets

DataSet The data set.


remove_key Safely remove the key from the dictionary.
listify Ensure that the object obj is of type list.
stdout_redirected Preventing a C shared library to print on stdout.


Arrow3D Create a new Mock object.