Knowledge representations (mlpy.knowledgerep)

Case base reasoning (mlpy.knowledgerep.cbr)


CaseMatch Case match information.
Case The representation of a case in the case base.
CaseBaseEntry The case base entry class.
CaseBase The case base engine.


FeatureFactory The feature factory.
Feature The abstract feature class.
BoolFeature The boolean feature.
StringFeature The string feature.
IntFeature The integer feature.
FloatFeature The float feature.

Similarity measures

Stat The similarity statistics container.
SimilarityFactory The similarity factory.
ISimilarity The similarity model interface.
NeighborSimilarity The neighborhood similarity model.
KMeansSimilarity The KMeans similarity model.
ExactMatchSimilarity The exact match similarity model.
CosineSimilarity The cosine similarity model.

Problem solving methods

CBRMethodFactory The case base reasoning factory.
ICBRMethod The method interface.
IReuseMethod The reuse method interface.
IRevisionMethod The revision method interface.
IRetentionMethod The retention method interface.
DefaultReuseMethod The default reuse method implementation.
DefaultRevisionMethod The default revision method implementation called from the case base.
DefaultRetentionMethod The default retention method implementation called from the case base.